Susannah Britnell

Instructor / Lab Assistant

Susannah Britnell, BSc(Hons) PT, Dip ManManipPT, FCAMPT, CGIMS  works in private practice at Urban Healing, with a focus on persistent pelvic pain. Through her work at BC Women’s and the interdisciplinary team at the Centre for Pelvic Pain, Susannah has gained invaluable experience working with people with perinatal concerns and persistent pelvic pain. Susannah has presented both internationally and locally, to professionals and patients. She is an adjunct professor in the UBC Masters of Physiotherapy program and an instructor for Rost Therapy and Pelvic Health Solutions. Susannah has been a mentor for the Pain Science Mentorship program and has served on the CPA Women’s Health Division and Pain Science Division Committees. She is a big fan of the 80% rule, the good enough rule, and is working on embracing rather than fearing the uncertainties in life.

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