Our Story

Pelvic Health Solutions is an evidence-based teaching company that aims to educate and empower physiotherapists, healthcare professionals, and everyday people about pelvic health. 

Pelvic Health Solutions was founded in 2010 out of the need to develop pelvic health resources in Ontario at a time when it was an under-serviced health concern. Our company provides high-quality, continuing education courses, mentoring, and clinical resources for a wide variety of practitioners with the goal of equipping them to deliver evidence-based, biopsychosocial assessment and treatment of pelvic health problems in our province and abroad. 

All health care professionals that have internal evaluation within their scope of practice are welcome to take our courses that involve internal palpation. However, not all of our courses involve an internal exam, so look carefully at the course selection to see which courses are the best fit for your professional goals. All Pelvic Health Solutions courses incorporate biopsychosocial integration and pain biology into the material.

Pelvic Health Solutions also exists as a way to connect people experiencing pelvic health concerns to pelvic health physiotherapists in their area. The company has ultimately blossomed into a community of curious people who are committed to their life long journey of learning about pelvic health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide evidence-based, biopsychosocial resources to patients and health care practitioners for the assessment and treatment of pelvic health problems in our province and abroad.


Our Founders

Our mission is to make the private matter of pelvic health public by contributing evidence-based, biopsychosocial education and resources to healthcare professionals and patients to provide hope and healing for those who suffer with pelvic health issues. 

Our Team

The Pelvic Health Solutions team are a group of enthusiastic, skilled, and driven Registered Physical Therapists who have successfully completed advanced training in pelvic health. From Diastasis Rectus Abdominis to Urinary Incontinence, each member brings a unique set of skills experience, and specializations to the table. However, the common thread is a strong passion for helping those who are suffering with pelvic health issues ultimately heal. 

Our team has also helped us to build the most beautifully supportive community that can be witnessed on our Facebook group, where members can go to ask for advice, find resources, and feel supported by fellow life long learners on a journey towards restoring pelvic health.

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