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Jill Mueller

Lab Assistant

Jill Mueller is passionate about empowering people to recognize their own ability in contributing to getting back to doing the things they love to do. Jill has been a physiotherapist since 2001 and transitioned in to Pelvic Health after suffering for years with pelvic pain and a 10 year fertility journey due to endometriosis.  Through a myriad of techniques that she has learned through the many courses she has taken with Pelvic Health Solutions, Jill no longer suffers with pelvic pain. She hopes to share her experience and knowledge about using a biopsychosocial approach with those with endometriosis and persistent pelvic pain, to show them that Pelvic Physiotherapy can play a big part in improving quality of life.

Jill enjoys educating the community, whether it be on podcasts or live international events, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with pelvic physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

Jill co-owns Healthy Balance Physiotherapy & Wellness in Oakville, Ontario @oakvillephysio. Her personal website is: and you can follow her @endotogether

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