Ana Whelan Lab Assistant

Ana Whelan

Lab Assistant

Ana Whelan has been a Registered Physiotherapist since 2000 when she graduated from McMaster University. Before becoming a physiotherapist, she graduated with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s University and then continued on to receive a Bachelor of Education from Ottawa University in 2005. Ana taught for a number of years in the Toronto District School Board and then decided to pursue her passion in Physiotherapy. Since then, Ana opened her first clinic in Newcastle called Newcastle Village Physiotherapy and then her second location in Whitby opened in 2020, Durham Pelvic Health.

Ana’s experience originally focused on sports therapy, orthopedics, manual lymph drainage and acupuncture. With her background in education, Ana has educated several community groups and colleagues about physiotherapy and the role of pelvic physiotherapy in both women and men’s health.

In 2014, Ana started her journey in pelvic health due to the number of her friends and family who had issues around pelvic organ prolapse, sexual pain, incontinence, infertility, endometriosis, menopause to name just a few. Ana enjoys working with the pre-natal and post-natal population because she believes in being proactive about your health during pregnancy and beyond. She believes in empowering her patients with the tools and information they need to live their best life. Ana enjoys working with Pelvic Health Solutions assisting new physiotherapists who are learning more about this field.

When not at work, Ana enjoys spending time with her 3 boys and husband, Jeff. Ana enjoys biking, hiking, canoe paddling and anything outdoors in nature!

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