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Jessica Adaszynski

Lab Assistant

Jessica Adaszynski graduated with a Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia in 2011. After graduation, Jessica began working in public health in the Fraser Health region as it gave her opportunities to work in a diverse number of practice areas and an interdisciplinary approach. Jessica was particularly interested in the work she was able to do focusing on neurological rehabilitation for adults.

Jessica’s journey to practicing in pelvic health physiotherapy began after the birth of her first child when she needed to seek out the services of a pelvic health physiotherapist herself. Experiencing excellent partnered and evidenced-based care from her pelvic health physiotherapist, midwives and obstetrics team, lit a desire to practice in this amazing and underserved area of medical care. Jessica completed her training and has been practicing as a pelvic health physiotherapist since 2018.

Jessica has been able to practice pelvic health in both a private physiotherapy setting as well as in public health. Jessica has a keen interest in pelvic pain and continuing to support access to services both inside our funded healthcare model and beyond.

Outside of work, you can find Jessica outdoors with her family running, hiking and exploring beautiful British Columbia.

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