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Pelvic Health Solutions is a premier provider of education courses for a biopsychosocial approach to pelvic pain. We offer two streams of courses- those for the therapist who uses internal palpation as part of their skill repertoire, and those who do not. We use evidence-based, biopsychosocial principles that underpin each of our courses, and include a myriad of resources to allow the student to go back to their practice and implement what they learned immediately. These features make us unique in the post-graduate education world for pelvic health courses. 

Pelvic Health Solution’s teaching venue are located in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. However, if you are interested in hosting one of our courses in your area of residence, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us. We have a “Become a Host” program with perks and benefits for the organization or individual who hosts a course. We are willing to teach throughout the world. If we teach outside of Canada, then we may need your assistance as well to obtain the right licensure/paperwork to teach abroad.

Are you interested in hosting one of the courses we offer where you reside? If so, please contact us!

We do require advanced notice so that we are able to plan accordingly. One of the many benefits of hosting a course with us is free tuition for the course you host as long as the minimum number of registrants is met. Courses can be open, which allows any health care professional (dependent on the course) to register, or closed to only include those working at the same company/organization that the host works at. 

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Any questions?

If you have any questions or if you are ready to Host a Course please send an email to
Sarah at or by completing our contact form.