Rosie Mahendran

Lab Assistant

Rosalina Mahendran graduated with a Master of Applied Science in Physical Therapy from McGill University in November 2015. Prior to this, she completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. Her interest for pelvic floor physiotherapy piqued in her master’s degree where she was completed her level 1 training. She has a unique perspective as she had suffered from pelvic pain and pelvic floor physiotherapy changed the way she addressed her body and mind. As she became entrenched in the world of pelvic health her specialty broadened to a wide variety of pelvic health conditions. She is committed to making pelvic health accessible to large populations including the BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S communities. Rosalina utilizes a biopsychosocial approach in her assessments and treatment with an emphasis on educating her clients, manual therapy, and a functional exercise prescription. Rosalina is committed to life long learning -taking various post-graduate courses in pelvic floor and orthopaedic therapy. She is currently the pelvic health director at Cornerstone Physiotherapy and kick starting the pelvic health program at Rx Physio Health  Due to the lack of open dialogue around bowel, bladder function and sexual health, Rosalina is committed to educating and empowering her clients. In her spare time she enjoys, hot yoga, working out, dancing, cooking/baking, cuddling with her cat Leo and travelling the world looking for new adventures.

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