My name is Kathy and I have had severe Pelvic Pain since I was 38 years old. I was fortunate enough to meet my pelvic health physiotherapist when she came to speak to a support group I had co-founded for people with Chronic Pelvic Pain and Interstitial Cystitis. Up to that point in my life I had suffered incessant  untenable pain every single day. I could no longer work, or be the Wife and Mother I wanted to be.


Life, as I lived it, was struggling through long days and longer nights, often with only an hour of exhausted sleep at any one time. I had tried all of the traditional avenues of diagnosis and treatment for my pelvic pain. Most of these treatments, upon further reflection, were totally unnecessary, and in some cases involved major surgery, to no avail. I recall listening to my pelvic health physiotherapist talk at our meeting, and for the first time in 14 years, it all made perfect sense. I made an appointment right away. The treatment process was explained to me in great detail and at each step along the way, I was educated about what was going on in my body and my nervous system. No question went unanswered. Personally, I felt safe and validated for the first time and this safety went a long way to healing my damaged psyche. Those of us who have been seeking help for many years can be left in a very fragile state of mind, as well as in constant pain. The pain is physical as well as emotional, and unless you have been there, you probably cannot fully understand this difficult journey. That is where my pelvic health physiotherapist’s intellect and empathy came into play. Treating the whole person, in my humble opinion as a retired nurse, will always result in a better outcome for the patient.

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