About Us

Pelvic Health Solutions is an evidence-based teaching company that was founded in 2010 by Nelly Faghani and Carolyn Vandyken, out of the need to develop pelvic health resources in Ontario, an under serviced health concern in this province. Since the inception of our teaching company, pelvic health physiotherapy has blossomed from a handful of physiotherapists to well over 300 therapists now rostered with the Ontario College of Physiotherapists.

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Pelvic Health Solutions provides continuing education courses for a variety of practitioners, including mentoring and clinical resources for therapists to utilize with their patients. All of our courses incorporate biopsychosocial integration and pain biology education into the course material.


All health care professionals that have internal evaluation within their scope of practice are welcome to take our courses that involve internal palpation. Not all of our courses involve an internal exam, so look carefully at the course selection to see which ones might interest you the most.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide evidence-based, biopsychosocial resources to patients and health care practitioners for the assessment and treatment of pelvic health problems in our province and abroad.


Our Founders
Carolyn Vandyken
Nelly Faghani
Owner & Instructor

We met each other at a Pudendal Neuralgia course in 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia. Fellow Ontarians, practicing one hour apart from each other, we were instantly attracted to each other; particularly because we had both practiced in pelvic health in Ontario for so many years in isolation. We commiserated about the state of pelvic health physiotherapy in Ontario, and why there was such an under-representation of pelvic health physiotherapists in the most populated province in Canada. In the following year, as we kept in close contact, we decided that the solution to the under-serviced problem was to establish a teaching and mentoring company right here in Ontario. From there, Pelvic Health Solutions was born. We grew from two courses in 2010, to our current offering of 8 courses within the first five years of our development. We have been fortunate to have some great instructors and assistants who are just as passionate as we are about pelvic health physiotherapy. They have helped us immensely in becoming the diverse, reputable company that we are today.

Our Team