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The professional spotlight recognizes and features the talents of a clinician that has trained with Pelvic Health Solutions, and has excelled in their quest to become an excellent pelvic health clinician. Clinicians who have taken on a leadership role in their community, or in the larger pelvic health community will be featured in this section. They will share their journey in pelvic health and why they chose to pursue this field, along with their successes, challenges and some of their favourite courses.

Jessica Nargi

City: Toronto

Phone: 419-921-9224

Email: jsnargi@gmail.com


It is an absolute pleasure to have Jessica Nargi as part of the Pelvic Health Solutions team. Jessica is a well-rounded and passionate physiotherapist that is extremely deserving of this spotlight. She has worked very hard to be the physiotherapist that she is today, and her enthusiasm and drive are admirable.


Jessica graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy from the University of Toronto in 2008. She started practicing pelvic health since 2012 and continues to upgrade her clinical skills and knowledge through on-going education and attendance of international conferences. She has worked extremely hard to advance her knowledge in pelvic health to provide phenomenal evidenced based treatment. Combined with her orthopaedic skills, she enjoys helping both men and women who suffer from pelvic dysfunction. Jessica is also an excellent educator and speaker. She has spoken at numerous venues educating health care practitioners and the public on the role of physiotherapy in the treatment of pelvic dysfunction.


We would also like to congratulate the upcoming bride-to-be; Jessica is getting married in June 2017. Wishing you all the best on your big day, Jessica!


How long have you been practicing pelvic health physiotherapy?

I have been practicing pelvic health physiotherapy for 4 years.


What lead you into the specialty of pelvic health?

I learned of the specialty from my colleague, Lauren Campbell, who was practicing in New York at the time. Her enthusiasm was contagious!! I began looking into the specialty in Canada and, soon after, attended my Level One course. I was absolutely impressed by the passion Nelly and Carolyn displayed for the practice.


What do you love most about your profession?

First and foremost, the fact that no one day is ever the same. Otherwise, I find it to be particularly rewarding to be able to help patients deal with very personal and intimate issues. As a pelvic physiotherapist, I have the opportunity to gain a patient’s trust and confidence to help them regain basic functions. In doing so, I am always learning about the challenges of the human body with my patients, colleagues, mentors and mentees.


Which course did you enjoy the most/what course has changed your clinical practice the most?

The Level Three course – Clinical Skills for Treating Pelvic Pain. In physiotherapy school, the focus, obviously, is on tissue and muscle/functional impairment. However, when treating for persistent pain, there are normally many drivers behind the issue. The Level Three course gave light to the use of a biopsychosocial framework to assessment and treatment. It has definitely had the greatest influence on the way that I assess and treat my patients.


What has been your most rewarding experience?

I can think of many patients whose progress has left me feeling fulfilled. One that certainly stands out is the patient who travelled from afar and presented with very complex symptoms. Her primary issue was with urinary retention, requiring self-catheterization. Through hard work and determination, we were able to end her sense of helplessness. She returned home with newfound comfort and confidence!!


What advice would you provide to new physiotherapists getting started in pelvic health?

Be patient, gentle and share the goal of providing top quality care.


Jessica Nargi
Lab Assistant

1st Pain UnConference

Do you want to know what to do with patients who have highly disabling pain and difficult psychosocial issues? Internationally renowned keynote speakers Adriaan Louw and Bronnie Lennox-Thompson will guide us in the CPA Pain Science Division’s 1st Pain UnConference to more effective interventions when psychosocial factors hinder progress. There will also be engaging facilitated roundtable discussions based on questions/case studies that you provide.


This UnConference will also be streamed live so you can register and watch online if not able to attend in person!  


Practice explaining pain and learn how to help your patient develop the skills needed to improve function and quality of life at the 1st Pain UnConference on October 29th in Toronto! Find out more at www.painunconference.com

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