Victoria (Tori) Philip



Aurora Prime Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation
372 Hollandview Trail
Aurora, Ontario L4G 0A5
(905) 726-2252


Office of Dr. Rubabaza
3100 Brock Street N, Unit 7
Whitby, Ontario L1R 3J7
(905) 665-3100


Tori has an incredible passion for pelvic health and her profession – she is a clinician, educator and advocate. Pelvic Health Solutions is very grateful to have her as part of the team, working as a lab assistant. Tori started a blog in October 2015, titled Positively Pelvic, to empower others to feel and do better through pelvic health physiotherapy.


How long have you been practicing pelvic health physiotherapy?

I have been practicing pelvic floor physiotherapy for 2 years exclusively now working alongside the amazing Nelly Faghani at Aurora Prime Physiotherapy and collaborating with the wonderful gynecologist/obstetrician Dr. Rubabaza at his clinic in Whitby.


What lead you into the specialty of pelvic health?

I actually had no idea pelvic floor physiotherapy existed (much like our patients!) until I met Vicki Dawes, who opened my eyes to this amazing world. I remember leaving her clinic thinking – “Wow… now where do I sign up?!” I haven’t looked back since.


What do you love most about your profession?

First and foremost, I love the quality of life you give back to your patients. It is very special to share in your patient’s happiness as they achieve goals they never thought possible.


Second, the amazing community of health care professionals. There is just this unbelievable feeling of welcome and support in the pelvic floor world. Everyone is doing their best to help you become the best you can be and are out there advocating to health care professionals and patients. It’s amazing to be part of such a positive movement!


Which course did you enjoy the most/what course has changed your clinical practice the most?

It is very difficult to pick only one course that changed my clinical practice because they are all equally important to me in so many ways. However, if I had to choose one that changed my treatment framework the most, I would say it was Julie Wiebe’s online courses. As Julie is an orthopedic physiotherapist who does not perform internal treatment techniques, I found she helped me develop a better understanding of how to integrate the external tissues with the pelvic floor to find optimal movement strategies for a variety of my patient populations such as my female athletes, and post-partum women.


What has been your most rewarding experience?

Honestly, I prefer not to think of just one experience but the overall positive effects of the work we do as pelvic floor physiotherapists every day. The reward is in the smiles and happiness in your patients who tell you they haven’t leaked in months, or the patient that tells you they are pregnant because they were able to have intercourse pain-free, or the patient who has found pain relief for the first time in a decade. Those are the moments that imprint on you forever and continue to motivate you every day to help everyone you can reach.


What advice would you provide to new physiotherapists getting started in pelvic health?

There are days as a pelvic floor physiotherapist that can feel overwhelming. There may even be days that you feel you don’t “know” enough to help your patient. I promise you, you will get through it. Get in the routine of reflecting at the end of each day as you remind yourself of all the positive outcomes you and your patients achieved together. Be clear about what your motivation is to be a pelvic floor physiotherapist and continue to evaluate your learning needs so that you can continue to develop your skills. Read blogs, take online courses and create a community of great colleagues who you can reach out to. Take it one day and one patient at a time and before you know it, you’ll make it out on the other side.


Victoria Philip
Lab Assistant