My problem started 15 years ago at the age 35 with an annoying pain in the pelvic area. After numerous visits to my family doctor and assessments from different Urologists, the diagnosis changed from Prostatitis to Chronic Prostatitis to Interstitial Cystitis. Along the way, continuous courses of antibiotics were prescribed with no relief of this unbearable condition. That is until a support group member suggested I contact a pelvic health physiotherapist. After a fairly lengthy multiple choice questionnaire and an initial consultation which included a digital rectal exam, my pelvic health physiotherapist set in place a  schedule at her clinic along with at home exercises. After many years of frustrating flare ups in-between short periods of remission I finally had a plan to control, if not eliminate, an issue that was destroying my life. If you have experienced pelvic pain that never seems to clear up, I highly recommend that you learn more about pelvic health physiotherapy at Look for a qualified physiotherapist close to you to assess whether your pain may be stemming from a complex muscle problem in the pelvis and pelvic floor.


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