Over two years ago, I was referred to a pelvic health physiotherapist after coccyx removal surgery. As a result of the surgery, unable to sit, unable to work and in severe pain, I had no life. Initially, I was skeptical of yet another treatment.


After following my physiotherapist’s protocol of specific exercises, she also guided me through a thorough understanding of my pain system initially with videos and books, using humour and empathy to guide my understanding. Guided imagery exercises became a big part of my treatment plan in order to retain my brain to allow me to sit again. When I really followed her directions, improvement was almost magical. Slowly I progressed, leading me to a better life. As soon as I felt a slight improvement, I understood even further her program, which gave me determination to persevere and to get well. I was extremely compliant with her suggestions which was an important part of becoming well again.


To this day, the words of her teachings still come to me, keep me on track, and out of pain.


I no longer have to do the exercises every day; however, I have become diligent about evoking the relaxation response by using meditation, Qi Gong or yoga every day. This keeps me on track and gives me the buffer in my nervous system that I need in order to stay healthy. I am so thankful for my pelvic health physiotherapists teachings, and as a result, am able to exercise, to work, and once again enjoy the pleasures of life.