Redefining Your New Normal


Warm red leather with great traction and no concern for rain or snow, my favourite boots sit in the corner of the closet, the soft tops sagging into pouty folds. They were benched last winter after a rough year of ankle sprains, soreness and nagging foot pain. “I’m good as long as I don’t wear heels or my boots.”

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The new normal isn’t normal.

  • Give up the favorite boots or heels and that foot pain is gone.
  • Don’t turn your head as far and your neck doesn’t hurt.
  • Move the dishes to the lowest shelf and reaching isn’t a problem.
  • Take the elevator instead of the stairs and then you won’t be out of breath.
  • Stop running and that little leak of incontinence is gone.


Clever adaptations and life can go on undisturbed. Silently and surely losing out on things you once did, things you loved to do that kept you feeling strong and healthy.


The signs of the inevitable decay with age?


NO! Absolutely not.


Let’s turn this around and create a NEW NORMAL where you take back the things you love!


What if….


When you notice that you’ve stopped doing something to avoid a pain, pinch, stab or ache you take that warning sign as a chance to change instead of to avoid? What if you design a plan that identifies the challenge and sets clear, measurable steps for reclaiming what you love to do?


What if you find the sore spots as opportunity to improve and erase them, while still doing what you love to do?

  • Run
  • Climb stairs
  • Play tennis
  • Lift weights
  • Reach the high shelf
  • Get up and down from the floor
  • Wear those gorgeous boots!
  • Dance
  • Laugh


Don’t give it up. Make a plan. If that’s hard, intimidating or if someone (including you) has told you it’s not possible, please get help to change the story and reclaim your normal Resilience is great… thriving is even better!


Written by Sandy Hilton

Sandra Hilton