Frances Roderick

Lab Assistant

Frances Roderick has been working as a physiotherapist for 30 years. For the past seven years, she has focused her practice on working with people who have pelvic health concerns. She opened a clinic in 2016 which has grown to a multidisciplinary clinic offering rehabilitation and wellness for pelvic health, neurological, and paediatric clients.

Frances has a passion for continuing education with a particular interest in biopsychosocial approaches and pain neuroscience. She has taken multiple courses including courses on complex pelvic pain, dyspareunia, GI, prolapse and pessaries, oncology, pregnancy and post partum rehabilitation and enjoys translating her knowledge to others.

Outside of work, she is definitely an East Coast woman, enjoying long coastal hikes, time at the beach and on the water, and spending time with her family especially if it is outdoors!

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