Shadowing & Mentoring Program

  • Casual observation of a clinician going about their work day to observe the nature, flow and type of work that is carried out
  • No additional time will be allotted for questions or meaningful teaching opportunities
  • Appropriate learning opportunity for any health care practitioners who are trying to decide if they want to pursue this kind of work, or want to understand how pelvic floor physiotherapy is carried out
  • Appropriate for non-pelvic health physiotherapists, nurse practitioners, midwives, occupational therapists, medical doctors, naturopaths and students/learners
  • Mentoring is a learning process for practitioners who are actively engaged in the field of pelvic health. These practitioners actively participate in doing internal exams themselves and want the opportunity to improve their hands-on skills and problem-solving skills
  • Questions and problem solving are encouraged throughout the day
  • An hour of dedicated one-on-one skill building time will be built into a mentoring day to be used as the learner desires. It can be used on clinical problem solving as initiated by the learner or the review/practicing of specific skills that need to be reviewed. This is not the time to learn new skills that have not been taught on a course that the learner has taken
  • Appropriate for pelvic health physiotherapists, nurse practitioners, medical doctors, naturopaths and midwives, as long as internal exams are part of your clinical skill-set

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