Stabilization Exercises

Once your pain is under control, and your pelvis is symmetrical again (when you do the butterly Yoga pose both legs go down equally towards the ground and there is no pain holding them there for five minutes) you are ready to teach your brain to weight bearing evenly again through your pelvis. This is the MOST important exercise if you have an asymmetrical pelvis. When you are standing, place your feet about hip width apart, and “soften” your knees (ensure that they are not hyperextended). Feel that you are placing equal weight through both feet; now put the majority of your weight through your right foot (observe what this feels like in your body to weightbear mostly on one side) and then bring your weight equally onto both legs and feel what it is like to be centered on both legs. This is where you want to be. Then place all of your weight on the left foot (observe what it feels like in your body to weightbear on the left side) and then bring your weight back to the center, equally weightbearing on both legs. Repeat this rocking action for several minutes at a time throughout the day, whenever you are standing. What you are doing is stabilizing the pelvis by learning what it feels like to weight bear equally on both sides at all times. This is very important in order to maintain a balanced and symmetrical pelvis. There are full directions for stabilizing the pelvis in Cecile Rost’s book, Relieving Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy