Sensitive Nervous System

Do I Have a Sensitive Nervous System?


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my symptoms spreading?
  • Do I have pins and needles?
  • Do I have burning pain?
  • Is my pain increased by small movements?
  • Is my pain increased for no particular reason?
  • Do small things cause flare-ups that can last for days?
  • Do stress and anxiety increase my pain?
  • Do I have mirror pains- the exact same pain is starting to occur on the opposite side of my body?
  • Do I have pain at night?
  • Do I have difficulty sleeping because of my pain?

If you have answered “yes” to at least three of these questions, you likely have a sensitive nervous system.


The next step in helping yourself is to educate yourself about persistent pain.


There are different Types of Pain, and Understanding Pain Better has been shown to reduce the threat of the pain you are experiencing, and will help you on the road to healing.


If you have difficulty sleeping, there are many good resources to help. If you are not sleeping well, and do not feel rested when you awaken, then it is very important to address your Sleeping Problems or it will be very difficult for your body to recover.