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The Running Athlete: Live-Online – November 2021

November 9, 2021
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Course instructor: Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT, OCS

Dr. Edwards is a physical therapist, author & educator helping healthcare professionals widen the lens on treating and caring for endurance athletes. Endurance athletes and those who care for them often believe that the definition of success depends on physical performance of their bodies and how well they do at a race.

Through 12 years of successfully treating thousands of frustrated athletes while navigating her own injuries and health struggles, she believes that an athlete’s success is so much more than their body or their sport. That connecting with the whole athlete requires the tools, knowledge, clarity, and confidence to grasp the complexities and depth of what these people need to perform and be well within and outside of their sports.

Dr. Edwards graduated from Emory University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2009 and received her Orthopedic Clinical Specialist Certification in 2011. She is the owner of Precision Performance & Physical Therapy in Atlanta, GA. She is adjunct faculty in the Department of Physical Therapy at Emory University. Additionally, she is the author of Racing Heart: A Runner’s Journey of Love, Loss and Perseverance and co-author of Go Ahead Stop and Pee: Running During Pregnancy and Postpartum. And will be launching a new podcast in early March 2021, “More Than Miles: Widening the Lens on Endurance Athletes.”

Please note:

To register for this course, please download the following registration forms in pdf format and email it to info@pelvichealthsolutions.ca or fax it to 888-653-4533

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The Running Athlete November 2021

This course offering will be recorded and all registrants will receive a link to access the course recording for a 2-week period following each session. Please mark on your registration form if you will not be attending live (and watching the recording instead) for attendance taking purposes. 

Course Description:

An athlete’s success is so much more than their body or their sport. The purpose of this course is to provide practitioners with the tools, knowledge, clarity and confidence to grasp the complexities and depth of what runners need to perform and be well within and outside of their sport.

This course will introduce current scientific evidence, gait analysis and retraining, management for overuse injuries, basic knowledge concerning shoes and orthotics as well as take a deep dive into understanding the differences between male and female runners. We will discuss and learn about treating pregnant and postpartum runners. Including how to help clients return to running or continue running with symptoms of prolapse, leakage or pelvic pain. You will be introduced to running specific exercises and running drills.

This comprehensive running course will allow you to see your running athletes through a wider, more holistic lens. Participants will learn the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in caring for these athletes. The course will encourage the participant to investigate the entire kinetic chain rather than simply looking at the knee or ankle that is injured. It will challenge the participants’ clinical reasoning skills and their ability to treat running athletes comprehensively.

Course Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to perform a basic running gait analysis and be able to translate their findings into a successful gait retraining session with their patients using the evidence-based research and observation skills learned in class.
  • Participants will be able to articulate the relationship between breathing, posture and running form. Then implement these concepts into their treatment plans.
  • Participants will learn the physiological differences between male/female runners and why it is important to understand these differences.
  • Participants will be able to see the runner through a wider lens; how a runner’s daily life impacts their injury and recovery.
  • Participants will be able to easily identify signs/symptoms of overtraining.
  • Participants will have basic knowledge about running shoes.
  • Participants will be comfortable treating the pregnant athlete
  • Participants will have the knowledge to successfully treat the postpartum athlete.
  • Participants will learn cues and tips for running with a stroller successfully.
  • Participants will leave with some running drills and exercises to quickly implement in practice
  • Participants will learn to communicate with both non-medical and medical practitioners and on behalf of their patients in order to provide well-rounded multi-disciplinary care to their clients.

Audience: Open to all healthcare professionals. No prerequisites required.

Date/Time: November 9 & 11, 2021 from 5-9pm ET (Toronto time)