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Oncology & The Pelvic Floor: Live-Online – September 2020

September 19, 2020
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    August 8th, 2020
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To register for this course, please download the following registration forms in pdf format and email it to info@pelvichealthsolutions.ca or fax it to 888-653-4533

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Oncology September 2020


Cancers in the pelvis account for a relatively large percentage of new diagnoses for both cis-males and females.  Side effects can occur with any type of cancer treatment, whether that be surgical, radiation, or chemotherapy. The severity and type of side effects will depend on the specific area or organs effected, size of area treated, type and amount of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and overall health and co-morbidities.

Pelvic health physiotherapy is uniquely positioned to address symptoms of cancer treatment including urinary, bowel and sexual dysfunction.  This evidenced based course discusses a whole-person approach that can help improve the quality of life in this extremely under-serviced population.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss different types of pelvic cancers
  • Become familiar with the medical treatments for various pelvic cancers
  • Understand the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
  • Discuss various dilator protocols that are used after pelvic cancer/radiation
  • Understand the evidence behind the role of physiotherapy as a multidisciplinary team member during and after cancer diagnosis and treatment

This course will be taking place as a live-online course and will cover the same material covered in the in-person course.


Levels 1 (or equivalent to be approved)


10:30am-6:30pm EST

Registration begins on the first day 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Please note:

This course does NOT include internal palpation