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K-Taping Women’s Health – April 2020

April 18, 2020 - April 19, 2020
Registration Information

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To register for this course, please download the following registration forms in pdf format and email it to info@pelvichealthsolutions.ca or fax it to 888-653-4533

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K-Taping Women’s Health – April 2020

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Course Overview

K-Taping for Women’s Health is a two-day, practical application course in women’s health K-Taping techniques. The course begins with an overview of the theory and purpose of the K-Taping practical applications and the history of the K-Taping Academy.

Who should attend?

Physiotherapists (Women’s Health, Pelvic), midwives, gynecologists, registered nurses and health professionals specializing in gynecology.

Course Details

Practical taping includes a demonstration and practice of each of the techniques used in the K-Taping method. Muscle techniques include ways to relax or increase stimulation of muscles. Ligament stability applications are used for joint and tendon support as well as the relief of trigger point pain. The functional correction and fascial correction techniques can be used in the treatment of Women’s Health dysfunctions such as pelvic instability. Lymphatic drainage techniques have been shown to provide relief of swelling during pregnancy, post operatively and in lymphedema care.

Specific Taping Techniques included in this course are:

  • Lumbar and neck muscle relaxation
  • Sacral iliac joint support
  • Carpal tunnel symptom relief for cases caused by both mechanical problems and pregnancy.
  • Abdominal support techniques during pregnancy.
  • Postural correction application.
  • Treatment of edema during pregnancy, post surgical and lymphedema cases.
  • Tape applications for instability of the pubic symphysis.
  • Introduction and uses of Cross Tape.
  • Postnatal recovery of the uterus and abdominal pain/cramping.
  • Colon K-Taping to help ease constipation post surgically and with travel.
  • Discussion and demonstration on techniques for : breast engorgement; mastitis; scar taping techniques for post cesarean section; and other post surgery cases.
  • Suggestions for taping of a diastasis recti.
  • Transverse abdominus stimulation and core stability exercises.
  • Taping for relief of dysmenorrhea.
  • Taping to improve bladder control.
  • Taping to assist patients with pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Taping for post mastectomy edema.


Early bird: $445.00 + tax (30 days BEFORE the course date).

Includes practice tape at the course, a course manual, and a certificate.

OPTIONAL: Register today at the Early Bird rate and receive a discount on the purchase of the following products at checkout:

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Regular: $545.00 + tax

Questions?: Please email Leigh at leigh.mackenzie@orthocanada.com

Other Information

Schedule and Location: Sent via e-mail approximately 3 weeks in advance of the course date.

Duration: 2 days, Sat-Sun 0830-1730. Two 15 minute breaks and a one hour lunch. Lunch not provided. Some course venues have restrictions about our capacity to offer coffee and snacks during breaks in the classrooms (we recommend that you bring some or your favourite snacks with you).

Cancellation policy: registration fee less $50 will be refunded for written cancellations received 21 days prior to the event. No refund will be given after this date. K-Taping Academy Canada reserves the right to cancel at any time with full refund.