Diane Lee & Associates

Position: Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

City: Surrey

Province: British Columbia

Contact name: Diane Lee

Contact email: dianelee@dianelee.ca

Website: https://dianeleephysio.com/


Times are a-changing! We are losing one of our favourite pelvic health physios (moving to lovely Kelowna) which means we have a wonderful mentorship/work opportunity opening up for a physio who merely has to have introductory internal pelvic assessment/treatment skills. We will take you on a journey like no other in the first year of your mentorship/work with us, while making full pay!


At our clinic, we use a whole person and mind approach to all conditions (the Integrated Systems Model www.learnwithdianelee.ca and this is so important with pelvic health. Maybe the original trauma was the whiplash or the sprained ankle that ultimately lead to motor control changes in the pelvic floor muscles. Have you ever thought of why so many people seem to need their pelvic floor released so often? Maybe because it is the victim of something else!! Anyway, we are looking for someone to join our team as we have a very full caseload of pelvic health clients. All the pelvic health physios were fully booked into June immediately upon opening our clinic on Wednesday  May 20, 2020 so your caseload would be immediately full, no build up required.



1. full caseload immediately – all PPE paid for by the clinic, we are not changing our commission percentages paid to associates due to COVID costs like many other private practices are considering doing to offset costs

2. mentorship training (the schedule is already established – Diane Lee and the senior WH physios at DLA would lead this mentorship) no charge for co-consults or any of this training and it lasts for a year

3. Your own dedicated ultrasound imaging unit for use (we will train you – we have 3 units collectively worth over $100,000)

4. Two treatment rooms that you don’t share during your shift. These are private rooms, with locks on the doors, sinks in each room, and automatic soap pumps. No curtains in our clinic. Our physical distancing is more than 6 feet and systems for COVID care well established this week.

5. You will receive a 50% discount to attend the ISM Series in 2021 (all staff are required to be trained in this regional interdependent approach – our patients can tell the difference if you are not!). We will work out the payment plan for the balance of the tuition that suits you and your budget needs.


So, if this interests you and you are a ‘fit for us’ – we hire people not resumes – send me an email and your resume, although I much prefer a chat, and let’s set up a Zoom chat and I’ll tell you more about this opportunity to learn, live and grow in sunny South Surrey BC, Canada. The commute is not bad from Vancouver either since travel is in the opposite direction to traffic – 35-40 minutes from Gastown to South Surrey so one of my associates who lives there tells me.


We are open, we are 76% back to our prior booking capacity at only 3 days into our new normal. Our safety protocols are all established and our patients are loving what we have done. We are life-long learners and passionate about collaboration and community.


You can also email me at dianelee@dianelee.ca to connect.