Michelle Day
Assistant Instructor

Michelle Cooper Day, MPT, BScEd, CAFCI (acup) graduated in 1998 from the University of Nebraska Medical Center Masters of Physical Therapy Program and practiced in private practice in Corpus Christi, Texas, before moving to Calgary. Prior to physiotherapy school, she taught high school chemistry and physics for 3 years in Omaha, Nebraska. Her practice focus is women’s and men’s pelvic health and orthopedic physiotherapy. Michelle is part of a specialized group in Canada with training allowing her to treat men and women’s pelvic floor issues including pre/post natal, bowel/bladder incontinence, constipation, prolapse, and pelvic pain. Her orthopedic training and experience allows her to assess and treat the spine, pelvis, and hips which are closely related to the pelvic floor. Michelle is currently involved in a research project regarding low back pain and the effects on the pelvic floor.


Michelle is married and is an active mom of two boys.  She volunteers in both boys’ schools on field trips and in the classroom. As a family, they enjoy competitive tennis, downhill skiing/snowboarding, waterskiing, mountain biking, camping, and hiking.


Michelle’s physiotherapy practice combines compassion and understanding while focusing on treating the patient as a whole. She combines her experience as a teacher with her physiotherapy treatments to thoroughly educate and involve each patient in their recovery. Michelle’s goal is to empower her patients so they can cope with the challenges faced by men and women throughout their lives.


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