Beth Kroetsch
Lab Assistant

In 1991, Beth developed the Facial Rehabilitation Program at Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital (JBMH) in Burlington, after receiving specific training at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre. She assessed and treated patients with facial nerve paresis at JBMH until 2005, at which time she relocated the program to the Main West location in Hamilton. This same year Beth expanded her training to include assessment and treatment of vestibular dysfunction. A significant number of patients referred from neurosurgical services in Hamilton and Toronto hospitals had dysfunctions of both Cranial nerve 7(Facial) and 8(Vestibular- cochlear). Currently Beth enjoys a strong referral base from area neurosurgical services, neurology and family physicians for a variety facial nerve diagnoses including Bell’s palsy, acoustic neuroma, temporal bone fracture and Ramsey Hunt syndrome.


In 2009 Beth was asked to consider training for treatment relating to dysfunctions of the pelvic floor. Ongoing training allowed for the expansion of her practice to include treatment for urinary incontinence and pain for men and women. In addition she treats a variety of female pelvic floor problems as it relates to pregnancy and prolapse. As with her facial and vestibular clients, she considers it a privilege to be able to work with patients through very private and personal problems. Finding effective solutions and exercise programs for individuals with a variety of disorders is challenging and its own reward.