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Pregnancy And The Pelvic Floor

November 4, 2017
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    September 23rd, 2017
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    after September 23rd, 2017

Course Instructor:

Nelly Faghani
Founder & Instructor


Please note:

To register for this course, please download the following registration forms in pdf format and email it to info@pelvichealthsolutions.ca or fax it to 888-653-4533

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Preg and PGP November 2017

Course Description:

This advanced level course has been designed to teach pelvic health professionals how to assess and treat pelvic floor dysfunction as it relates to pregnancy. Pregnancy and pelvic floor function go hand-in-hand. Understand the research that supports pelvic floor training during and after pregnancy and learn how to advise your patients on how to safely exercise based on clinical practice guidelines. Learn how to educate your patients on what to expect during labor and delivery to optimize pelvic floor function and health. This course will also offer advanced assessment and treatment skills of ano-rectal dysfunction as it relates to coccydynia in pregnancy, and anal sphincter tears during delivery.

This is a lecture-format and lab-based course. The participants will have had previous experience in both rectal and vaginal manual palpation, as well as a solid basis of manual therapy skills for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Through completion of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the effect of pregnancy on the pelvic floor in the prenatal and postnatal periods
  • Understand exercise prescription in pregnancy
  • Understand the assessment and treatment considerations of pelvic floor dysfunction in pregnancy and coccydynia
  • Understand the stages of labor and delivery, and how to coach your patients for success in minimizing pelvic floor trauma in labor and delivery

Handouts to use with your patients are included in the cost of this course (see resources tab)


This course is open to physiotherapists, naturopathic doctors, nurses, midwives and medical doctors. Internal palpation is required.


One-day course from 8:30am-5pm

Registration begins on the first day 30 minutes prior to the start time.


Levels I, II and III (or equivalent)

Please Note:

This course is both lecture format and practical labs with vaginal and/or anal palpation

  Early bird before 09/23/2017 Standard rate after 09/24/2017
If registering for Pregnancy & the PF $245 + HST ($276.85 incl. HST) $275 + HST ($310.75 incl. HST)
If registering for PGP & the PF $295 + HST ($333.35 incl. HST) $325 + HST ($367.25 incl. HST)
If registering for both courses $495 + HST ($559.35 incl. HST) $545 + HST ($615.85 incl. HST)
Resource Materials

The resources listed below are included in the cost of the course, and will be provided to each participant in electronic, PDF format upon successful completion of the course.



  • Delivery and post delivery advice
  • How to start exercising post partum
  • Scar care techniques