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Pain Biology Education: Learn, Be Creative & Practice

June 3, 2017
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Debbie Patterson

Please note:

To register for this course, please download the following registration forms in pdf format and email it to info@pelvichealthsolutions.ca or fax it to 888-653-4533


Learn with one of Canada’s most experienced physiotherapists in the world of pain biology education, Debbie Patterson.  Debbie’s wealth of knowledge and clinical experience (35+ years) in teaching patients about pain brings the skills of educating patients about pain alive for both clinicians and patients alike.  Role playing and practicing the skills of how to educate patients is key to getting great patient compliance and understanding. This one-day course will give you the skills to teach and the time to practice.  You will leave this course with practical tools, stories and metaphors to educate your patients more effectively about their pain system.



1. To review current understanding of pain science and persistent pain.

2. To review concepts in adult learning in order to teach our patients more effectively.

3. To identify what content you have difficulty teaching your patients.

4. To provide an opportunity to develop parables and analogies in order to teach patients about persistent pain.

5. To identify obstacles in our ability to provide this information to patients and discuss solutions.

6. To share resources for providing information to our patients.



To be determined

Registration begins on the first day 15 minutes prior to the start time.



Open to all health care professionals. No prerequisites required.